How Much Does Plato's Closet Pay For Clothes

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Plato’s closet is the second hand store that buys and sells mildly used teen and elders clothing and accessories. It is an ideal way to make extra money after purifying your closet of redundant items. 


How much Plato’s closet pays for clothes

Plato’s closet is an optimal partner if you are cleaning your wardrobe. Like other stores that buy used clothes and accessories, the store sales worker decides what to buy or not. As they evaluate the attires value themselves. As an autonomous outlet, Plato’s closet gives its worker the power to estimate the worth of items. Therefore the store does not have the pre-list of prices. If we look at Plato's closet reviews and traditions, a nice piece of cloth will offer you a third of its original price. For example if you bought a $60 shirt, the store will offer you $20 for it. When cleaning your closet, you can earn money by selling the clothes that you do not wear. 

To sell products on Plato’s Closet, they must be in better quality, trendy and more necessarily, not faded. For bags and purses, you need to go with a collection from a famous brand, they too should not be dulled. 

What garments should i sell 

Plato's closet is very rigid about the clothes they will acquire. That means when deciding what garments to sell there are two things you should remember, one your clothes must be lightly used. That means no blotch, no holes, fading, or extremity wear. And second, they generally only purchase items that are presently in style and in season. Think of the apparel that you see at the mall, if your clothes are nearly similar then the chances of them buying your items are at peaks. If you really desire to get most out of your visit I recommend calling the store ahead. Their number can be found online by Google search. Ask the fellows  what they are presently looking for and decide the items you want to bring accordingly. However, if you are shaky whether or not that piece will be accepted, bring it anyway. You don't miss anything in trying.  The awful thing that can happen is they can say you no, which will happen although. They seldom ever take all the clothes you bring in anyway. Absolutely expect some items to be rejected. Because at the end these are only tips to bring in clothes, but the decision is eventually up to the stylist who will endure your items and their personal doom. 

Items they will accept (Man and Woman)

  • Shirts, T-shirts, tops, button-ups, jerseys. 
  • Sweaters, blazers, hoodies, jackets
  • Jeans, pants, leggings, shorts.
  • Bathing suits, board shorts.
  • Heels, slip on, sneakers, boots, sandals.
  • Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets.
  • Purses, wallets, laptop cases.
  • Sunglasses, hats, headbands.
  • DVD’s and books. 

Carrying the clothes 

After deciding the clothes that you have to bring for sale will need to find the right bag to put them in. it may not seem necessary that the bag you choose to put clothes in is actually an essential step in the selling process. you are going to bring these clothes from house to store. You have to make sure the bag you choose is rugged and clothes fit in it nicely. This will make it easy for the consociates to look through your clothes. If items are teeming or there’s a hole find a different bag. 

Selling your attires 

You have picked the clothes you will bring and the bag you will put them in. Now it's the time to sell them. You will find sales associates there behind the main desk. Make sure you go to the far left side of the desk, this is where you will sell your garments. Set down your bag on the desk and hand them to the stylist. The worker of the store will then ask if you have ever sold them any items before. If the answer is yes then they will hand you a yellow slip and ask you to write your name and number on it. If this is your first time selling with them, they will give you the same yellow slip and you have to put your address and signature on the slip too. Since you gave them your contact number, you don’t have to wait in the store. Let them know you will be back later so that they give you a call when it is ready for pickup. The duration you can wait to pick up the clothes is two days but I don't suggest it. The faster you go back to get them the better. Or you can stay in the store and shop while waiting. In fact if you find something that you like, you will be able to use the honor to purchase that item. 

Pick up 

You will grasp the clothes in the lines with the cash register on the right. The sales worker will ask your name so that they can place your bag. They will clarify which items they liked and which ones they didn't and why. Then they will give you either cash or store credit. You don't have to agree if you think the offer is too low. The store credit offer is normally worth more than the cash they are ready to give you so decide wisely. Plato’s closet is infamous for only accepting half about what you have brought. They usually give on average $13 for all of your items. They will give you the cash or store credit on the spot. Lastly, take the clothes back which they did not like and come next time with more modish and trendy clothes. 


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